Chesters Great Tasting Chicken

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Our traditional chicken is prepared and cooked in store using only top-quality fresh chicken from reliable and accountable UK suppliers and our exclusive and unique chicken breading! Our chicken burgers are not minced or processed, just tender pieces of spring chicken breast coated and cooked the only way Chesters can!

Our pizzas are prepared and baked in-store using only freshly made dough and ingredients!

Our fries are pure potato blanched in sunflower oil and all Chesters cooking oils are free from harmful trans fats!

Chesters can form part of a well balanced healthy diet. so if you are already a customer, we would love to see you again soon...

...if not, come on down to your local Chesters store and discover why Chesters really is...

Great Tasting Chicken!


020 7263 7113
790 Holloway Road
London N19 3JH

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