Map Gift Shop - a ZEN hub in Archway

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Map Gift Shop benefitted from a business grant for a green wall as well as a free energy audit and cycle planters.

Map Gift Shop is an independent, gift and homewares shop in Junction Road, Archway and winner of 3 Time Out London awards. A go-to spot in North London for amazing and unique gifts, Map Gift Shop has also become somewhat of a ZEN hub in the past 12 months. Shop Director, Ian Morris, a member of the Archway Town Centre Group and early proponent of Archway ZEN got in touch via our website, keen to learn more about the Zero Emissions Network and how Map Gift Shop could get involved. The ZEN team initially carried out a free energy audit on the premises to understand how the store could improve its environmental performance and save money. The results of the audit reported that the shop struggles to stay cool in the summer months.

“With the rising costs of energy we thought it would be a good idea, as there would be a financial saving for us. We realise that anything we can do to lower the pollution rate locally, the better.” – Ian Morris, Director at Map Gift Shop

Further conversations with Ian established that he was keen to install a green wall at the side of the shop to grow plants with air quality properties and an application for a ZEN grant was successful. Green walls (also known as living walls) are a great way to help keep buildings cool in the summer, as well as helping to improve air quality and improving the urban realm. The green wall was installed by Meristem Design and has proven to be an excellent addition to Map Gift Shop.

Inspired by the green wall, Ian also showed support for cycle planters to be placed in front of participating stores on Junction Road. The planters are filled with air quality enhancing plants and provide further cycle parking opportunities for customers, encouraging low emission active transport. Ian has also been extremely supportive of Archway ZEN’s ambition to install an electric vehicle charger on St John’s Way near to Map Gift Shop and has helped spread the word of ZEN by encouraging other businesses to get involved.

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