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A clean air walk has been installed between Whittington Hospital and Archway Town Centre
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The new clean air walk in Archway encourages visitors, staff and users of the Whittington Hospital to travel to Archway town centre using side streets to avoid the harmful pollution on Highgate Hill. The route goes through the Girdlestone Estate which contains a park and children's playground. As part of the walk Bryony & Bloom painted a mural on a wall of the estate to draw people to the area. The mural depicts lichen, a special kind of organism that only grows where the air is clean. A film about the creation of the mural and the reactions to it is currently in the editing stages and will be released in a few months. 

The walk was launched on Tuesday 12th February by the Mayor of Islington and attended by Cllr Sheila Chapman, Jan Tucker Chair of the Archway Town Centre Group and Jonathan Gardner the Director of Strategy & Corporate Affairs at the Whittington Hospital. The walk is part of the business led Low Emissions Neighbourhood supported by the Mayor of London. Find out more about air quality in Islington by reading this online leaflet.