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Archway Park Dental are a well-established dental practice in Archway, Islington, formally known as St Johns Way Dental Practice (established 1967).

Our practice is built on trust, quality, and exceptional personal care.

Our team has an outstanding and professional approach to patient care, treatments, and after-care. Surrounded by a friendly and relaxed atmosphere, our highly-qualified Dentists will look after all your dental needs and advise on all aspects of Dental & Oral Health.

Specialists in

Dental implants and complex Oral Surgery

Root Canal

Cosmetic dentistry ~ Smile Makeovers

Crowns and Bridges


Teeth Whitening

Fillings and tooth restoration


Opening hours: 
Monday - Friday 9am-5pm
0203 325 1437 or 0207 272 6818
34 Saint John's Way
London N19 3RR

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