Archway Zero Emissions Network

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Archway ZEN can provide access to the following incentives to local businesses:

Book a free training session with a qualified cycle instructor
Offer your staff a bike check-up at your workplace
ZEN can put your business in touch with organisations that can help you save money by consolidating your deliveries
Drive Now convertible
ZEN members get free lifetime membership and £10 driving credit.
Archway ZEN Scooter Switch
An electric moped or bicycle can help save you money on maintenance, fuel, parking, congestion charges and road tax.
Archway ZEN is offering free trials of a cargo bike to Archway residents. Email or call 020 7527 2689 to arrange your free trial.
Contact us today to try out an electric car or van for FREE.
Free building energy audits to help your business reduce energy use and save money.
Archway ZEN Grant
ZEN can help you apply for money towards cycle parking racks, stands and lockers, energy efficiency works and other measures that can help improve local air quality
Worth £95 plus £60 for the driving credits
Advice and information about searching for and getting the correct tariff/supplier for your electricity and gas